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Medium Angel Bag.

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Product Description

Most of us live paycheck to paycheck.  But, imagine being homeless, hungry, cold, or in pain-from a toothache or back ache –in need of a simple helping hand.

Angel Bags provide a life-line that makes it possible for anyone in need to make it through just one more day.  Angel Bags are a portable, practical, and affordable way to help a struggling veteran, or anyone in need.  These Bags can be readily kept on hand in your backpack, trunk, glove box, dorm, camper or emergency kit.

Angel Bags are complete  with basic necessities – such as Water, Ready to eat food, First-Aide Kits, Socks, Flashlights, Rain Poncho, Handwarmers, Glow Sticks, and much needed personal items (tissues, wipes, toothbrush).

Angel Bags come in four sizes: Glove box 5. Small 10. Medium 20. Large 25. The sale of the bags help to support homeless military veterans at Veterans Standowns (also known as Veterans Assistance Day ) and throughout the year, where they can obtain much needed dental and medical services.

It’s easy to order!  Your Angel Bag can be mailed to you, a loved one, or donated to help a veteran.

Included Items:

Nylon Carrying Bag
Collapsible silicone drinking cup
Powdered drink/tea/coffee
Pouch tuna/chicken/pepperoni
Almond butter
Den-Temp emergency dental kit
Ba ndaids/disinfectant/ointment
Rain poncho
Zip ties
Cotton socks
Emergency blanket


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