Why to Remember

The topic of discussion today is the importance of remembering and taking care of America’s veterans. Veterans are asked to fight and die in our name. There are serious, far-reaching consequences that go with such a request.

The main reason why we should honor American Veterans is because they risked their lives for our freedom. Unfortunately, their risks come with some sad facts:

  • 1.33% of homeless people are Veterans.
  • More than 4.7 million people served in World War
  • 54,000 people died in World war I

That is why we should honor them. Honor, Respect, Remember America’s Veterans. They died to save us. Veterans choose to risk their lives and take roll in a very dangerous job. They go to war knowing the perilous risks:

  • Not returning home for awhile
  • Watching people die
  • Possibility of getting hurt, tortured, or even perished

All these things, that we as people cannot imagine in a lifetime. Someone that is brave to go out and defend their homes because they have a love and heart for their country. That’s a true Veteran!

It is important to honor veterans, because these people are willing to put their lives on the line. They go to war zones and are willing to face danger and death. They have no intention to gain any fame. They do it so that the country people get peace and live with peace. Joining the military is a voluntary act and can’t be forced on anyone.

These soldiers leave behind family and friends and go to sacrifice their lives. Sometimes you never get to hear from them and they never get an opportunity to see their family. Yet they make this sacrifice. Because of this it is important that the people of United States remember and honor their veterans.

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