Many battles are fought not just on enemy soil, but, many times right in our own human bodies. A disease such as ALS steals and robs individuals of independence,  muscle control, the ability to walk or speak without difficulty,  cognitive abilities,  and coordination to name a few.

Although, the main symptom is muscle weakness-the cause is unknown and there is no cure presently. ALS can last for years or a lifetime.

ALS leaves many warriors the battle scars of fatigue, feelings of faintness, muscle spasms, and unintentional weight loss.  Yet, like all silent attacks, the symptoms are frequently overlooked.

Normal daily activities for those who suffer with ALS is a battle that is fought by not just the patient but, the family members who must learn to take up new roles and skills against a neuromuscular disorder that leaves an unfathomable trail of what was once a father, mother, brother, sister, or grandparent.

We come in time to see battles won and loss leads to a new discovery-opening of a new door to a potential cure thru greater understanding and research.  It is thru these battles that bravery, courage,  strength, wisdom and the simple act of love by those close to us is so often displayed.  In time,  all battles come to an end, like the changing of the seasons. So we honor the life of Michael Stephan who has laid down his battle weapon. We honor his passing with dignity for a fight against ALS. May his family find peace in a life not lost to a disease but, to a life that will help find a cure.