Helping Hands Partner Spotlight – SUNI

SUNI SensorThis SUNI sensor was used at both of our recent veteran stand downs and will be used as Helping Hands continues to provide dental services to homeless veterans throughout the year. The sensor allowed us to take, capture and then transfer dental images or x-rays to our laptops for diagnosis, consultations, and finally treatment of not only carious lesions, endodontic and periapical pathology, but allow precision in detailing root tips for removal and even identification of growths, tumors and abnormalities within the oral cavity.

“We are so thankful to Suni for stepping forward to donate this sensor for homeless military veterans. They offered this with no questions asked, and they also added one year of support free of charge!” 

– Dr. Wanda Ortiz

In the words of a veteran Mr Robert Reed, who is disabled and wheel chair bound, “It’s simply incredible what technology can do, keeping me in the comfort of my chair while they get all the pictures they need. I would not be able to do without it!



Suni Medical Imaging has been at the forefront of digital radiography since being founded in 1995, leading the industry with innovative digital imaging technology for over 20 years. With a robust suite of products–including the world’s thinnest digital sensor and the digital sensor proven to use the least amount of radiation–Suni is committed to providing practitioners with high- quality digital imaging tools that help maximize their diagnostic capabilities and increase workflow efficiency.

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