Partnering with Bombas Socks!

Thanks to Alina Cosmetics for their generous donation of facial masks, lotions, nail polish, nail files, and cleansing wipes. We donated these resources to Homes for the Brave, a nonprofit who helps homeless veterans return to “meaningful, productive lives.” The HHDF team was proud to be able to honor our female veterans thank them for […]

Partnering with Bombas Socks!

Our team at Helping Hands Dental Foundation would like to thank Bombas socks for their partnership and for helping our veterans! During a pandemic and economic hardship this company stepped forward to once again for every pair of socks purchased they donated one to our veterans in need. Our team and our veterans appreciate your […]

HHDF Serving During COVID-19

One of our Dental assistant volunteers spend some time last week taking ipads to COVID-19 patients so they can stay connected with their loved ones. At Helping Hands, we are built around service, and this is the ultimate gift of serving and putting the greater needs of others above our own. We are proud of […]

Homeless Veterans Living With PTSD

Homeless Veterans and PTSD It’s hard to imagine someone who served our country in the military living on the streets. Unfortunately, for many veterans, homelessness is a sad reality. Although there’s no official count, the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs estimates that nearly 40,000 veterans are homeless. One of the biggest contributing factors to homelessness […]

Fallen Heroes: Chris Collins

With respect to our Fallen Heroes, In Memorium: Chris Collins

Shelter: America’s Homeless Veterans

In the United States, 22 million military veterans account for 7 percent of the population. But veterans make up about 12 percent of the adult homeless population, according to the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans

Girl Scouts Singing the National Anthem

On November 11, 2018 we will be holding a Veterans Health and Family Day at the Cradle of Aviation Museum in Long Island, NY.  This free event is setup for our active and retired military veterans to get access to health care, dental exams, and other support while having a little fun!  To make the […]

Don’t Forget Your Teeth!

We all know we are supposed to brush our teeth, but for our unemployed veterans, this is a necessity and luxury that just isn’t always possible.

Why to Remember

It is important that the people of United States remember and honor their veterans.