Donate what you can

Our veterans have created a list of their biggest needs and if you want to help we have a drop box at our office in New York City.  Drop off any of the below items and support our veterans in a special way!

1) Any multi-tool compact
2) Noise cancelling headsets
3) USB speakers portable
4) Coffee (pre-ground)
5) Tea bags and/or Powdered drinks
6) Protein bars
7) Camp stools collapsible
8) Pilot  G2 pens
9) Plastic French Press
10) Portable flash lights
11) Deodorant/floss/shavers
12) Candy hard, lifesavers,mints, m&m
13) Cotton socks (no blends)
14) Feminine hygiene products
15) Shampoos/conditioner
16) Carabiners
17) Paper,pens,drawing supplies
18 ) Games
19) Chapstick
20) Military gift certificates -good at any military exchange in the world

Veteran Stand Down - Dental Care

Payment Methods

No act of kindness is too small or too big.