About The Helping Hands Dental Foundation

Free Medical Care at Veteran Stand DownOur goal is to provide low cost or free critically needed, quality dental care services to veterans in need. We are a 501c3 nonprofit foundation providing funding that enables our men and women from all branches of the military to receive, through private and corporate donations, basic necessities and dental care. These services are often provided at Veterans Stand Downs throughout the year.

Our programs are the direct result of our Doctor who rendered pre & post-deployment exams and treatment to our active service men/women. The number one request is hardly ever for “high end” service such as Implants, Braces, or Cosmetic surgery.  Almost always veterans request just basic cleaning and dental care that often fell out of their reach due to lack of finances or insurance upon their return. This often lead to the veteran having their wife and children go without much needed services. What started as a simple gesture of kindness to thank the veteran for his service soon grew into answering and fulfilling a need that others so often take for granted.

Our Mission

Helping Hands Dental Foundation Inc. raises funds to provide quality, affordable dental care to veterans, reservists, active service members and their immediate families. We want to improve the overall health and quality of life for our veterans in need.

Providing Quality Dental Care for Veterans

After leaving military service, a member has dental insurance for a limited time period. For care after this period, the veteran may seek free treatment at a VA center. Waiting periods are extensive, however; a root canal, for example, can take several months and multiple visits at a VA center.

We provide prompt care, alleviating unnecessary delays and further dental decline. In today’s dental office, a root canal is often completed in one visit. Through donations, we are able to fill gaps in insurance the veteran buys in the marketplace.

We Support Our Trrops

Because of the financial challenges facing so many of our veterans, we maintain AFFORDABILITY is our top priority. Treatment is not free, but the price is significantly reduced due to donations. (Free, basic services are provided at veterans Stand Downs, organized by a Veteran Service Organization (VSO), because so many veterans are in need of basic cleanings. More advanced treatment is available at our headquarters.)

As part of our reaching a greater population, we raise the funds to bring mobile equipment to veterans’ shelter and other locations a VSO or other legitimate organization may feel appropriate. This mobile equipment reduces the trauma associated with large mobile vans.

Our ultimate desire is to Serve Those Who Have Served!